Setting Volume Levels On Polycom

On Polycom Desk phones you can set your volume level to stay at that level at the end of every call, see how to do this below.

To do this you will need to get the IP address from your Polycom phone, Follow the below steps.

1. Go into the "Menu" on your Desk phone.

2. Press "Settings".

3. Press "Status".

4. Press "Network".

5. Press "TCP/IP Parameters".

6. Look down the column for the "IPv4 number" (sample

7. Then simply type the IPv4 number (sample into your PC's search engine (you may have problems with firewall settings and will have to by pass your security over that)

8. You will then see the below page

9. You will need to enter 789 as the "password" (sometimes your internal IT department may have changed this so you will need to find out what it has been changed to) 

10. Once you have entered your password, you will need to click on "Utilities".
11. Then click on "Import & Export Configuration" (See Below Diagram)


12. Then Press on "choose file"

13. Choose file from PC (we will need to have given this to you previously so you have it stored to your PC).

14. Then press "Import"

15. Once imported log out of your Polycom phone setting portal and that volume level will be stored at a permanent level, 

any problem performing this action, please don't hesitate to call us on 1-800 448 5556  


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