Yealink Ring Settings

On Yealink headsets you can change the headset to ring in your ear and through the base of your Headset or just your Yealink desk phone, see how to do this below.

To do this you will need to get the IP address from your Yealink phone by going into the menu,

1. Press "Menu"

2. Press "Status"

3. Look down the column for the IPv4 number (sample

4. Simply type the IPv4 Number (sample into your PC's search engine (you may have problems with firewall settings and will have to by pass your security over that)

5. you will then see the below page, 

6. Enter admin for "User name" and admin for "Password"  (Sometimes your internal IT department may have changed this so you will need to find out what it has been changed to) 

7. Once you have got into your Yealink Settings platform you will need to Click "Features"

8. Then down the left hand side in a grey column you will need to click "Audio" (see below)

9. At the bottom of that page there is a dropdown menu titled "Ringer device for Headset", where you choose from the below options. 

Option 1 "use speaker" Desk phone only will ring,

Option 2 "use headset" Headset will chime in the ear and and base of Headset will ring, Desk phone will no longer ring.

Option 3 "use Headset and Speaker"  Desk phone and Headset base will ring but no chime in headset earpeice 

10. Once you have made your choice simply click on "Confirm" and log out of your Yealink Platform.

If you are having any problems performing this task, please do not hesitate to call us on 1-888 448 5556


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