Audio settings for USB Headsets

Sometimes on TruVoice USB headsets your PC will not recognize this device and you will need to change the Microphone and speaker to Truvoice USB Headset in your PC settings, see how to this below.

1. Connect your headset to the USB bottom half cable making sure it is pushed all the way in.

2. Plug the USB part into any USB port in your PC

3. If you have no sound in your earpiece then you will have to change your settings.

4. Go into your PC "Settings".

5. Select "System".

6. Select "Sound" 

7. Select the "Output" and "Input" in the drop down box to "VoicePro USB" (see Diagram below) 

If you are still having problems or need assistance performing this task please give us a call on 888 448 5556 

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