Programming Mitel phone for Headsets

Programming Mitel phone for Headsets

Getting your Headset to work on Mitel Phones can be tricky and this is due to certain phones not having a designated headset key to press when answering calls. Below we have included 2 ways in which you can program your corded headset to work on Mitel so if the version 1 does not fix the issue please try version 2.

Programming Mitel phone (Version 1)

If you are using a corded Headset from Truvoice, Jabra or Plantronics on a Mitel phone and don’t have a headset button pre-programmed on your phone, then you will need to manually assign and program a key on a blank multi-function key.  (Blank is in the center of the phone console.  See picture below)



Step 1: Dial 397

Step 2: Select a blank multi-function key

Step 3: Dial 317 to enable headset mode

You are now able to answer calls using the headset button you programmed. Here is a link for more programmable functions for your Mitel phone.

Programming Mitel phone (Version 2)

Watch This YouTube Video Link 

Things to know that are not clear in the video

1. You need to use one of the last 8 feature keys if available (top 3 do not work as they are enabled for other things) if all of the keys are taken up on the first page you need to the next page to program it.

2. Once Headset Key is programmed it make this button a Headset Mode Button NOT a Headset Key button, so once this is lit up the phone is in headset mode but to Take calls or end calls they need to press the line keys.

3. Once the phone is in Headset Mode the Speakerphone will not work, they would have to deactivate Headset Mode for this to work.

If you have tried both of the above and still cannot get your headset to work please contact our support team at +1 88884485556 or email 

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