Yealink Headsets (Upgrading Phone Firmware)

Yealink Headsets (Upgrading Phone Firmware)

Yealink WH6x Series Headsets will only work on the Yealink Phone Models Listed below, If your phone is not listed then please contact TruVoice who can help you with alternative options.

Compatible Phone Models with Recommended Firmware Level

Firmware V86 - T3xG Series, T4xS series, T4xU series, T5xW series, T58A, VP59

Firmware V85 - T4xS series, T4xU series, T5xW series, T58A, VP59

Firmware V84 / SP4 - T4xS series, T4xU series, T5xW series, T58A

Firmware V83 - T4xS series, T5xW series

Firmware V82 - T4xS

Firmware V9 - SFB Phone Models T48S, T56A, T55A

Firmware V15 - Teams Phone Models T58A, T56A, T55A

If your phone model is listed above but your headset is not working it may be that you need to upgrade your firmware level to one of the numbers shown above. To find out what your phones firmware level is please follow the steps shown below.

  • Menu
  • Status
  • Locate IP address (Labeled as IPv4)
  • Type IP address into website browser 
  • The Yealink navigation street will open up and will ask for a user name and password, if a user name and password has never been set type admin into both fields to open up the phone settings
  • In this screen the Firmware is clearly visible under status (eg of a firmware number is number 3+4 is the firmware version so in this case it is 85

At this point if your firmware is below 82 or does not match the firmware levels listed above please use the following link to upgrade your Yealink telephone

Once the firmware is updated make sure the phone is reset and then re-plug the headset back into the phone. If your headset is still not working after the Firmware upgrade please contact our support line at +1 888 448 5556 or you can email: 


If you are using an EHS35 cable to connect your Yealink WH6 series headset to your Yealink phone please see the below tutorial.  



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