At its heart, our Total Care Program is geared to remove any additional budgetary or time concerns for the day-to-day management of the call centre headsets throughout the year:

The programme elements include:

  • New headsets for old – all broken/out of warranty units to be replaced with new throughout the term.
  • An onsite headset hospital stock to speed the replacement of broken/out of warranty units.
  • Free monthly collection of broken/out of warranty units to be refreshed with new.
  • Free asset tracking of all headsets on site – including onsite audit throughout the existing estate & installation of tags – we will also manage the warranties going forward.
  • Free replacement leatherette/foam ear cushions every 6 months along with anti-bacterial wipes – Including onsite assistance to help distribute & “teach how” onsite if required.
  • Site stock of leatherette/foam cushions & anti-bacterial wipes to allow any additional cleansing. Also free headset bags for each member of staff to store and protect their current headsets.
  • Protected price support on new headset purchases with agreed discount levels for bulk orders and an agreed price for buyback on any old/broken headsets as required – allowing you to free up potentially new budget from old assets.
  • Free telephony support & regular onsite headset clinics for any issues causing concern within the call centre