Sennheiser Headsets

Sennheiser Headsets
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EPOS Advance Busy Light - USB

Sennheiser Advanced Busy Light with ringer is designed for open office workers who need time to conc..


EPOS Busylight - 2.5mm Jack Plug

Busy light for the SDW 5000 Series. With red, green and yellow color your status is reflected from a..


EPOS Car Charger, Small Coverts USB Charging Cable To Car Charger

Car charger for Bluetooth Mobile headsets. To use with the following Sennheiser headsets: PRESENCE U..


EPOS Carry Case For MB Series

The new Carry Case 02 is designed to store and protect your valuable headset and accessories. Reflec..


EPOS CEHS-CI04 Cisco Electronic Hook Switch Cable For Unified IP Phone 89XX

Cisco adapter cable for electronic hook switch (EHS) suitable for Cisco 8941 and 8945. Suitable for:..


EPOS CEXT01 10 Ft. Coiled Extension Cable, QD To QD

Extension cable. EasyDisconnect to EasyDisconnect with 300cm length. To use between headset and head..


EPOS CH10 USB Headset Charger Cable Only (No Stand) For SD Series

CH 10 USB Headset Charger (without stand) for the DW and SD Series are designed as alternatives to b..


EPOS CH20 USB Charger Cable Only

CH 20 MB USB headset charger (without stand) is designed as alternative to base station charging for..



Phone amplifiers Cable. Modular to Modular Plug RJ 9, short coiled cord. To connect a switch / ampli..


EPOS CSTD17 Quick Disconnect to Modular RJ9 Cable

Standard headset connection cable with standard microphone sensitivity. EasyDisconnect to Modular Pl..



UI Box to PC Cable: Modular plug to two 3.5mm jack plug. To be used when connecting the UI box to th..


EPOS Ear pad holder L, SC 600

Ear pad holder ring, black, size L (10 units) suitable for: SC 630, SC 630 USB ML, SC 630 USB CTRL, ..


EPOS EH 20 Earhook And Earbuds (S, M, L) For SD Office And D10 Series

Spare part set including earhook with leatherette sleeve and earbuds (S, M, L) for SDW 5000, DW Offi..


EPOS EHS Adaptor Cable For NEC IP Phones DT7xx

The CEHS-NEC 01 cable is ideal for all users of professional headsets, in combination with NEC IP ph..


EPOS EU Inline Limiter cable - ED-ED

EU limiter in-line adapter (85 dB). The cable has an Easy Disconnect plug at both ends and is optimi..


EPOS Expand Vision 3T Dongle For Presence UC ML, BTD 800 USB ML

The BTD 800 USB ML dongle is in combination with the PRESENCE™ UC ML, PRESENCE Grey UC, MB Pro 1 UC ..


EPOS HSA - Presence Accessory Set, Earhook & 4 Ear Sleeves

Ear hook and ear sleeves in the headset accessory set HSA-PRESENCE are suitable for PRESENCE™ UC, PR..


EPOS HSL 10 II Remote Handset Lifter

The handset lifter HSL 10 II is used in combination with a Sennheiser wireless DECT headset solution..


EPOS HSL 10 Spare Cable, From Lifter To Accessory Port On DECT Base Station

The HSL 10 Spare Cable is a spare connector cable for the HSL 10 Mechanical handset lifter. Suitable..


EPOS HZP 48 Ear Pads With Additional Damping For MB And SD Series

Ear pads with additional damping for MB and SD Series. Ear pads (1 pair) suitable for: MB Pro 1 /MB ..


EPOS HZP19 Leatherette Ear Pads, Medium, Fits SH 350, CC540

Leatherette ear pads, size M, suitable for: MB 50, CC 540, SH 350, SH 350 IP, SH 358 IP, SH 338 IP a..


EPOS HZP20 Leatherette Ear Pads, Large, Fits CC550, CC 515

Leatherette ear pads, size L, suitable for: CC 515, CC 515 IP, CC 550, CC 550 IP. Includes 2 pcs...


EPOS HZP21 Foam Ear Cushion (x2)

Acoustic foam ear pads, size S, suitable for: CC 510, CC 520, CC 520 IP, CC 530, SH 230, SH 330, SH ..


EPOS HZP22 Foam Ear Cushion (x2)

Acoustic foam ear pads, size M, suitable for: CC 540, SH 350, SH 350 IP, SH 358 IP and SH 250. Inclu..


EPOS HZP25 Ear Cushion For SD Office

Leatherette ear cushion (1 piece) suitable for: DW Office, D10 and SD Office...


EPOS HZP27 Ear Cushion For SD Pro Series

Ear pads (1 pair) incl. click ring, suitable for: DW Pro 1 (ML), DW Pro 1 PHONE, DW Pro 1 USB (ML), ..


EPOS HZP30 Foam Ear Cushion (x2)

Acoustic foam ear pads suitable for IMPACT SC 200 Series. Includes 2 pcs...


EPOS HZP32 Ear Cushion (x2)

Acoustic foam ear pads suitable for IMPACT SC 30/60 and 40/70 Series. Includes 2 pieces...