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Video calls are an important part of business in the modern world, enabling colleagues from all around the world to communicate and collaborate face to face without any flights being taken.  Video calling is also incredibly popular with families that are spread out across the world and most smartphones now are capable of very high-quality video calling.  Sometimes getting video calling software to work can be a challenge, especially for people who are not used to using computers or simply don't have the time to get things set up themselves.  Now the new model of desk phones has a built-in screen, which makes video calling as simple as a walk in the park.

The color touch screens are big enough to use for video calling, but not so big that the phone itself takes up lots of space.  Video calls can be made just as easily as a voice call and the camera can be angled for the best possible view for the receiving party.  These phones are not cheap, but the range of features is unbeatable; there's nothing these phones cannot do in a business environment.  The ability to record voice and video calls on a USB drive means that important calls can be saved for future reference or transcription, without having to add in yet another piece of hardware for recording purposes.

Lawyers, government staff and security agencies can all take advantage of the recording feature, for secure storage of sensitive conversations and information that must be kept under wraps – the USB drive used to record the call, is the only place that information is stored and therefore cannot be accessed from a shared network or from outside the business.

The Polycom VVX 1500D Dual Stack IP Media costs $943.95 and has all the features described above.  These phones are aimed at busy executives and people who need to make frequent video calls to clients from the privacy of their own office.  This model has productivity software and limited web access that can display weather forecasts or other user defined information on the screen when it is not being used for a call.  The ability to manage a schedule, check the weather, make a video call and a traditional manual call are all contained in this fantastic desk phone, making you more productive.  The streamlined approach to time management and communication is vital to keep pace with the modern world with the minimum number of devices.

There are a number of these desk phones on the market, but we were so impressed by the features on the Polycom VVX 1500D, that it's our top choice for desk phone based video calling.  In time the technology will develop further to allow the screen to be used for full web browsing, with the potential for these phones to replace tablets in some organizations.  Further into the future the integration of video calling with traditional phones will become the norm as technology drives communications forward.  We already carry smartphones capable of fulfilling many of these functions, so it is only a matter of time before this is integrated into office based communication systems.

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