The world of work is changing – telephone headsets help a smooth transition

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With more and more positions in the workplace being filled by remote workers, or people who work from home part of the time and who may also travel a lot for meetings, it feels like offices are getting smaller.  This perception is down to the disparity between the number of people you see in the office every day and the amount of work that actually gets done – a lot of tasks are covered by people working in different locations to the headquarters.  Offices are actually getting much larger by way of the virtual world and the adoption of new ways of collaborating and communicating.


Often, a project requires that several people work closely together to complete their individual tasks and bring these together to form the finished work, but if several of these employees are scattered about the place, it can be hard to keep a smooth workflow going.  This is where Unified Communications comes in.  A term that describes the integration of all communication channels into one platform, Unified Communications (UC) is an approach adopted by businesses that have been faced with these challenges.  A good UC strategy ensures that every team member has access to the channels via which they may communicate with their colleagues, and allows for all team members to see what has been said, and by whom, using project management and collaboration software.  A recent study conducted by SalesForce, found that 86% of the executives polled thought that inefficient collaboration was responsible for project failures, so we can see that collaboration strategies that do not include multi-channel communication, could be responsible for losing business.


Communication software is also vital for companies engaged in the type of industries where several key contributors are located in different locations, and often conference calls are the way around the location problem.  It is vital that everyone has their hands free during calls to take notes or to operate a virtual presentation that everyone can watch, so a telephone headset is crucial here.  The type of headset used will depend on the end user and their requirements – someone working from home with children around will appreciate the noise cancelling benefits of a binaural headset, while those who drive a lot may prefer a monaural bluetooth model that allows them to be aware of the road, whilst being involved in a call.  The lack of wires and having one ear free, is vital on the road to avoid accidents caused by a drop in concentration or by cables getting tangled.


Software developers are starting to see the benefits of collaborating and unifying projects with their competitors, in order to stabilize both businesses.  There are few truly end to end UC software platforms in the current market, but deals between giants like Cisco and BroadSoft. imply that 2018 will be the year where co-operation between developers, will lead to better UC platforms being available.

Hardware manufacturers like Plantronics and Sennheiser will need to be aware of the developments happening in the software sphere, in order to ensure that their telephone headsets are suitable for use with the new generation of communication software and that they offer true benefits to the end users.  We at TruVoice will be keeping our finger on the pulse, to ensure we bring you the very best headsets for changing communication styles.

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