Why a telephone headset is beneficial even for infrequent users

Posted by Alan 17/11/2017 0 Comment(s)

If you work in an office, in any capacity, the telephone is probably your worst enemy and best friend all rolled into one.  It's there for you to contact customers, helpdesks and colleagues when you need an answer, or you need to wrap up a deal.  At the same time, it means those same people can contact you, even while you are in the middle of another task.  You may find it frustrating to be answering the phone and having to put down your pen, hot beverage or reference documents in order to do so.  Some calls can drag on for ages, leaving you cradling the receiver between your ear and shoulder, creating all manner of neck stiffness, shoulder cramps and back pain in the process.  The more the phone rings, the more it starts to annoy you and in time you start to dread its interference in your working day.  It wouldn't be so bad if a simple thing like using the telephone (either in an outbound or inbound capacity) didn't interrupt your workflow or cause you physical pain from prolonged use, but happily there is a solution to re-acquaint you with your desk phone (or mobile) on good terms.


A telephone headset could reduce pain and stiffness caused by cradling a receiver in your neck or by simply holding the phone up for any length of time by an estimated 41%, according to a study conducted at Santa Clara Medical Centre, California.  On the average working day, office workers can spend anywhere from thirty minutes to four hours on the phone, so it is hardly surprising that such a big impact can be made to physical comfort just by switching to a headset instead of using the receiver.  The knock-on effect of less physical pain and discomfort is a happier and more productive workforce.  Sick days taken to address physical problems caused by an ergonomically unsound use of a telephone will reduce in number and staff will be much more open to communication by phone, simply because the telephone headset will make this process much easier and comfortable.  If you are able to make notes, carry on with simple tasks or stay hydrated thanks to using a telephone headset, then more work will get done.


A telephone headset presents an ergonomic solution to the problems posed by traditional desk phones when used many times during the day, and although this usage level is infrequent compared to the usage of telephone headsets by call centre staff, it can make a considerably larger impact on the overall productivity and mood in the office, simply for the fact that using a telephone headset makes even short calls more bearable.


Some office staff may only have two or three long phone calls to make each week, but by using a telephone headset for these long and important calls it leaves the hands free to take notes, already making the call more productive and reducing fatigue caused by pain and stiffness; meaning full attention can be paid to the subject of the call.  Online training courses, conference calls and even telephone interviews are all phone based tasks that become much easier when undertaken with a telephone headset.  Even if the equipment is only used a handful of times each week, the positive impact it will have on the staff using it should not be underestimated.

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