So What is Unified Communications

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Anyone working in the field of communications has probably experienced Unified Communications, also known as UC, without knowing what the term means.  UC is a term usually used to describe the integration of various forms of communication.  These include, but are not limited to, telephone communications, VoIP, video calling, text messaging, mobile calls, email, instant messaging and data sharing.  Companies use the term to cover all their media of communications and the proper use of unified communications is a major factor in marketing campaigns, where the consistency of the message being broadcast across all media is vital for campaign success.  A customer may receive emails, text messages, notifications on social media and calls on a landline or mobile phone from a company as part of a campaign, and this is where UC really comes into its own. 


It is also a term used when referring to desk phones and telephone headsets, which are compatible with VoIP and computer based calling software.  Unified Communications enabled devices allow agents to communicate with new and existing customers via several platforms, so the same headset can be used to conduct a phone call, a video call or even a web chat.  With a focus now on streamlining business communications and making use of emerging technologies to keep in touch with customers, the use of UC compatible headsets is vital for competitive companies to stay ahead of the game.  Some headsets are compatible with Microsoft Lync, a unified communications platform which brings messenger, email and VoIP into one easy interface, but this is being phased out and replaced by Skype, so buyers should be aware of this change before embarking on the installation of MS Lync systems in their business.


The Jabra headset is optimized for unified communications and can be used with VoIP systems and call making software.  Someone using this equipment may spend some of their working day responding to enquiries via webchat, calling the same people with technical help, receiving calls from customers and participating in online webinars and training sessions.  The Jabra headset is perfect for all these tasks, and a particularly dedicated agent may be able to simultaneously hold a simple phone conversation at the same time as conducting a web chat.  With hands free to type and ears attending to the phone call, this is about as unified as communications get!


Unified communications are also used by communication specialist companies to describe their services – a telecoms provider with links to internet connectivity and mobile networks, may use the term to show that they are able to provide a business with the means to communicate across several media through services provided by the one company.  Unified communications can also be used to describe the process of bringing all communication streams together in a companywide realignment of how each channel is used.  It may be the case that UC policy in a company sees agents taking enquiries via a web form and responding using a different medium, whether that is by making a phone call, sending a text message or even remotely logging on to a user's computer to fix a problem.  IT support centers often use two or more channels simultaneously in order to rectify an issue and this is a great use of unified communications.


However, your company makes use of unified communications technology, we have the hardware to make your dream policy a reality.  Have a look at our range of agent telephone headsets today and start making your communications policy the envy of your industry.

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