Skype for business can improve customer experiences

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Skype for Business is the new name for Microsoft Lync – the acquisition by Microsoft of Skype in 2011 has heralded many great developments in the communications sphere with a familiar name attached to it.  Many of our telephone headsets are compatible with this software platform, enabling contact center agents to get the most out of Skype for Business which covers voice and video calling, instant messaging and virtual conferencing.  If you are looking at new purchases or upgrading your existing fleet of telephone headsets, then you should seriously consider investing in ones that are compatible with the business communication platform, as even if you do not use it at the moment it is very likely that you will adopt it in 2018, probably as a response to the way customers are choosing to interact with your company.


We can still remember a time when the business was responsible for creating customer contact channels – a phone number and perhaps a customer services email address was the usual provision.  Now with the rise of texting, instant messaging and social media, customers are calling the shots on how they want to interact with companies they buy from.  Many businesses are responding to this multi-channel approach by using Skype for Business, to increase the number of ways customers and staff can communicate with each other.


Using Skype for Business, can really improve your customers' experience of dealing with your company, whether they are placing an order, calling for technical support or making a complaint.  There are many benefits to using the system, but the main one is the interconnection of all staff; customer contact agents may not have all the answers to a customer query, but if everyone is using Skype for Business they can either transfer the call to someone who can help, or use the platform to instantly message the right department, while the customer is still on the line.  This means most customer queries can be resolved the first time, rather than them having to call back or you calling them.  This reduces the workload of the staff, as they do not need to keep a list of people to call back and means everyone can get on to the next task once the call is ended.


The connection between staff also means that everyone can share their knowledge very effectively.  Instant messaging is a great way to communicate internally while still using the voice or video components of the platform, and similarly instant messaging can be a method of customer contact, leaving agents free to call a colleague for support.  The ability to video call a contact center is great for customers of technology companies.  Very often what the customer perceives to be a technical issue is a result of incorrect set up or other environmental factors that they would not think to mention on a technical support call.  If a technical support agent can see a customers' router or computer, they can give much more detailed and accurate instructions, and most importantly they can also see whether the customer is doing it right!  This can lead to a higher percentage of successful support calls and reduce the overall volume, as people do not need to call back if the problem persists due to user error.


The telephone headset you choose to use with Skype for Business depends on the users and their working environment.  If the agents will take a high volume of video calls, a monaural model may be best as there is less distracting hardware around the person's face.  Humans like to see the faces and expressions of the people they talk to, so a monaural model with a microphone that does not cover too much of the mouth, is best for a natural interaction.  Noisy environments may require a binaural headset to help cancel out the background noise, and people who may work remotely or from home would benefit from a Bluetooth headset, that can work with a mobile device or tablet that can run Skype for Business.


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