Skype for Business – what is the best headset to use?

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Skype is a great communication tool and is widely used by domestic and commercial customers to speak with family, friends and colleagues across the world.  Having the ability to hold video conferences makes life so much easier when demonstrating products, showing intricate details and moving parts of a product or simply reading the body language of potential clients.  When conducting a Skype call in a private room (where there are no distractions and your conversation will not disturb anyone else) then the computer microphone and speaker are adequate to ensure both parties can hear each other.  When the conversation is conducted in a wider office environment, there are more distractions and more chance of unwanted background noise disrupting the call, so a telephone headset is a must.  A noise isolating model that cancels out background noise from the microphone and the earpiece means more attention can be paid to the call and less on filtering out the white noise of a busy office.

Not all telephone headsets are certified for use with Skype for business (formerly known as MS Lync) but there is a wide choice of models that are, and if the equipment is going to be used, even sporadically, for Skype calls then this should be the main criteria by which the purchase decision is made.  Our top picks of Skype for business certified headsets are the Jabra Stealth MS Mono headset with bluetooth connectivity and the Sennheiser MB Pro

The Jabra model is ideal for the self-employed or those who work from different locations every day, such as sales representatives, consultants and engineers who regularly travel for jobs.  These people benefit from the wireless capabilities of such a headset in general as it can be used to communicate while driving and while working away from a computer, thanks to the voice control features that make for seamless communication with colleagues, even when both hands are busy.

The battery has six hours of talk time and the kit is supplied with a USB charger and one for use in a car, making it ideal for remote workers and those who travel a lot.  Jabra's Noise Blackout technology ensures crystal clear sound on both sides of the call.  Connectivity is via the bluetooth dongle, via NFC (if the mobile phone has this capability) or via straight bluetooth to a mobile phone.  It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear on either ear and comes with ear gels and hooks for both sides.  It is small enough to slip into a pocket when not in use and this means it can be kept at hand easily.

The Sennheiser MB Pro has a monaural or binaural option to suit the preferences of the user.  Like the Jabra model it has bluetooth connectivity but can also pair with two devices at the same time, eliminating the need to switch between two phones.  This is very useful for people who communicate internationally and who may have two phones and numbers, or who use a computer and phone equally.  With 15 hours of talk time the Sennheiser model has more user-friendly features than the Jabra, but is larger and slight less suitable for people on the go, as it takes up more room when not in use.

The Sennheiser has noise cancelling features on the microphone and speaker and with their Room Experience technology, it is comfortable to wear and use the equipment all day without getting ear fatigue from trying to hear over background noise.

Both are great for business in general, but the Skype for business certification means you can use them with confidence for video calls with no compatibility issues.  Take a look at these models, and many more, on our website.

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