Reduce Call Center Headset Cost-What can Contact Centers Do?

Posted by Alan 03/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

Call centers are arguably the biggest sector for telephone headset use, and with the large call centers employing up to 500 agents (rising to 1000 for the largest centers) the outlay on headsets is considerable.  Even the cheapest headsets can run up costs of over $12,000 for the average center, and that is before taking into account having spares on hand or upgrading the equipment for binaural or perhaps even wireless headsets.  Large call centres could be facing costs of up to $15,000 to equip their staff with basic telephone headsets.


Staff can't function properly without decent kit, and in a call centre a working headset is absolutely crucial to the role.  TruVoice offers a Total Care Program for headset purchases, which can be purchased when buying headsets from us.  Our Total Care Program ensures that all broken headsets are replaced, even if out of warranty, and this happens on a monthly basis – we collect your old or broken ones and bring you new replacement headsets as needed every month.  Every six months we will send a replacement set of earphone cushions (foam or leatherette) and more antibacterial wipes to ensure the headsets are always clean and comfortable to wear.  We will also ensure there is a stock on your site of replacement cushions, anti-bacterial wipes and spare headsets to ensure there is no down time as a result of broken headsets and your business can carry on as normal.  The aim is to keep your call centre running smoothly and keep your staff happy by providing new ear cushions regularly, as well as protective bags for each telephone headset to minimise damage. 


The management of supplies of this nature can often be an onerous task to burden an office manager with, so by outsourcing to us, the experts, you can reduce stress in the workplace and be safe in the knowledge that professionals are managing your telephone headset assets.  We even conduct audits of your stock (even headsets you already own!) and install tags for tracking, allowing you to know where each headset is.  For industries where headsets may be used off site, or where they are shared between sites, this is the most efficient way of tracking your headset stock around the business.


As a Total Care Program member, you will receive protected price support on new purchases and a bulk buy discount, making upgrading even cheaper and that’s before you even factor in the buyback price for your old headsets, which is also part of the management service.  We also offer assistance and support by phone and onsite (when required) to help show staff how to use their headsets, how to replace ear cushions and keep the headsets in clean working order and to address any issues or questions that may arise. 


As part of the Total Care Program we even agree a buyback price for old or broken headsets, allowing you to upgrade with a much smaller capital investment than if you purchased a new set from another supplier – and new equipment always puts a smile on people's faces.  This also allows you to gain new budget by selling off old or broken headset assets and if the business downsizes, this is a great way of getting back some of your investment to use for growth and development in the future.


Taking out our Total Care Program with your telephone headset purchases makes perfect business sense and ensures you will always get the best deal on equipment, maintenance and spares, while reducing the input of your own staff into managing headset assets.  Contact us to find out how we can benefit your business today.

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