New office? New Telephone kit - Headset Bundles

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Whether your company is moving to a new office, setting up another branch or starting up from scratch a new facility means new equipment.  It is a great opportunity to upgrade your existing kit, availing yourself of a moving budget to pay for better and newer desk phones and telephone headsets, and when starting a new business, it is always worth investing in the best you can afford to ensure smooth operation when trade starts flying.


Buying headsets and desk phones together as a bundle package makes so much financial sense as you save money on each transaction with the added security of knowing that the phone and headset have been selected as a pair that work well together.  Purchasing in this way also eliminates the need to research and purchase the two pieces separately, making the procurement process smoother and cheaper at every stage. 


If you are upgrading your equipment then it makes sense to take advantage of our buy back service.  We will purchase certain headsets and systems in nearly any condition, freeing up budget to put towards better equipment and eliminating the need for you to dispose of your old kit.  More information on which models we buy can be found here.  If this interests you, and you can see the great value in having the ability to upgrade at a much lower overall cost than without a buy back service, then you should consider taking out our Total Care Program.  This amazing maintenance package gives you an agreed buy back price on your headsets and equipment, as well as free replacements, regular restocks of ear cushions and many more benefits.


We use our own range of telephone headsets for our bundles as they have been designed to work with all brands of desk phone, making them a sure-fire winner to use with other manufacturers' equipment.  Our years of experience have informed the design and build of our headset range and we think they represent great value, great design and excellent build quality that competes with the major players on equal footing.  Because there's no middle-man with our headset products we can offer them at a better price than those from the big names but they perform just as well.  Our customer reviews are a testament to the quality and value of our products.


We'll take one of the basic packages as an example.  This bundles the Polycom VVX 101 desk phone with the TruVoice HD-100 monaural noise cancelling headset and cable.  Bought separately this would set you back $161.64, $104.99 for the phone and $56.65 for the telephone headset, but the package price is just $146.06, saving $15.58 on each bundle, which is nearly 10% off.  At the other end of the scale we have the Polycom VVX 201 desk phone with the TruVoice HD-700 monaural noise cancelling headset.  Bought separately the phone would be $124.95 and the headset $94.95, but by buying both together you save $12.05, which represents 5% off the full price.


We think this is a great offer, and while it might make us more money to sell everything separately we know that the purchase of totally new equipment often means buying both desk phones and telephone headsets.  Bundling these items together saves our customers time and money and means we can sell more volume, so it is a win-win situation that really benefits our clients.  Having happy clients makes us happy too, so we are delighted to offer great value phone and headset packages.

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