Is a phone system right for a home?

Posted by Alan 16/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Telephone network systems are usually the preserve of large corporations, with big offices and a lot of staff.  Having one in a home is not something most people think of, but for those who work from home or run a small home-based business, it could be an invaluable tool for communication and productivity.

Anyone who lives in a rural area with outbuildings would benefit from a telephone system, especially if cell phone reception is patchy.  A network of handsets running on the same line, would allow calls to be taken at any location and transferred to the right place, making working from home much more efficient as no-one is tied to the main phone all day.  This set up is ideal for small scale farmers and smallholders, who may be in several locations during the course of the day and not able to take calls on a single land line in the house.  Mobile call forwarding is possible with some models, so even if the intended recipient of the call is miles away in a field, the call can still be put through to that person without dropping the call or making the caller dial another number.

Mechanics who run a workshop at home would also benefit from the same type of system, so they can remain in the workshop all day and not spend time listening to messages and calling people back.  A garage can be a loud place to work and very messy, so using a bluetooth headset with hands free answering means a mechanic can tell when they are being called, even during a loud job, and take the call without getting grease and oil all over a traditional handset.  This Jabra model is ideal, as it gives a range of up to 300 feet from the base station and has voice controlled answering.  If a call comes in, the mechanic can answer and depending on what the caller needs to know, they can walk back to the office space and check the diary for booking in a customer, or stay in the workshop reducing the amount of time spent away from the task at hand.

A home telephone system can be used with one or more landline numbers, so if there is a personal domestic line and one for business; both lines can be answered from a single location.  This means that personal call can be taken while working and work calls can be taken while not on the clock.  For anyone with children or elderly parents this is a great benefit, as there is no way you can miss an important call just because you are in the home office at the end of the yard and not in the house.

Large properties with multiple wings or outbuildings would benefit from a home telephone system, as all areas of the property can be connected.  A call can be taken in the main house and transferred to an estate office or someone who is working outdoors.  Bluetooth headsets are a great addition to this type of system, as people who are not at a desk or near a phone all day can still be contacted through the same system, not relying on personal cell phones being in range or having adequate battery life.

For many people there is no need for a home telephone system, as an average sized home and garden is not big enough to warrant such a system.  However, having a telephone system with optional headsets is a great benefit in the scenarios described above, so there is no reason not to consider one for your property if it will make life easier.  We can advise and supply the best models for your needs, from landline phones to headsets and all the accessories in between.

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