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...We can furnish you from our range of great desk phones.  A telephone headset is not always needed for some jobs, so a traditional desk phone with a receiver is the best option.  People who make infrequent phone calls do not need a headset, and people who prefer the feeling of a receiver in the hands, while making important calls will always opt for a well-designed desk phone.


We sell a wide range of desk phones, all of which have an array of useful features, some even have color touch screens for making call forwarding and other administrative communication tasks a pleasure.  They can all be used with a telephone headset, if your needs change and you spend more time on the phone than expected.  Our cheapest desk phone is from our own brand range of products and comes in at just $23.95 and has all the basic features needed for most tasks, including a 10 number speed dial memory, redial, hold music system compatibility and a 10 year warranty. 


Our top of the line model is the Polycom VVX 1500D Dual Stack IP Media at $943.95.  This phone does just about everything except make coffee; with a color touch screen for video calls and the ability to record conversations for later transcription and reference.  This great business oriented phone set up is geared towards productivity and high performance.  The screen can also be used to display user-defined information from the web, such as weather reports or local news.  The ability to make and initiate video calls direct from the phone rules out compatibility issues, and other technological flaws that can arise when setting up video calling on a large screen using multiple devices.


We also sell desk phone and headset bundles, which are ideal for new businesses getting an office kitted out or for newly created roles within a company where a new desk set up must be provided.  These bundle deals are also ideal for buying both two pieces of equipment and splitting these within the business if both are needed, but not necessarily for the same person.  Taking our own brand products as an example, you can buy our basic headset for $56.65 and our basic desk phone for $23.95.  If you were to buy both you would be looking at an outlay of $80.60, but the bundle deal is just $68.95, effectively making the headset half price. 


If you are unsure whether you would use a headset enough to warrant a purchase, then going for a bundle deal can save you a lot of money in the long run, without being a huge investment up front.  There may be times when you find yourself in need of a headset, especially during calls where you need to take a lot of notes and then you'll be wishing you'd taken advantage of the bulk deal when you bought the phone.


Whether you are looking for a desk phone, telephone headset or both together we can supply you with the best equipment at a great price.  If you are upgrading your communications equipment, then take a look at our buy-back service.  We are interested in purchasing a range of equipment from the major manufacturers and this money can be used to offset your new purchases for a smaller overall outlay and no need to dispose of your unwanted equipment.  If you are starting out from scratch with a new business or a new branch, then we can offer you a great price on bulk purchases, so don't hesitate to get in touch and see if we can come to a mutually successful agreement for your new office.

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