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…For those on reception,

Conference facilities and hands-free discussion,

Wireless and bluetooth and mobile enabled,

These are a few of our favorite things.


We won't sing the whole song, but it does start to paint an interesting picture of how many different uses there are for headsets, speaker-style conference phones and other video or audio conferencing equipment in the hospitality industry.  Starting at reception, when you check in to a hotel you will be greeted by a receptionist who has to multi-task between greeting and checking in guests face to face, dealing with reservations and questions and also retrieving room keys, left messages and any items that may have been sent ahead for a guest.  Using a telephone headset enables that person to switch easily between these functions, making good use of a mute and call answering button to respond to phone enquiries wherever they happen to be.  A bluetooth enabled headset is perfect for a hotel receptionist, as they are not hampered by a cord connecting them to the phone station and depending on the model and range they have the ability to move about freely, even directing guests to rooms without removing the headset.


As a hotel reception desk receives hundreds of calls every day, it is not possible to answer these all with a traditional handset phone, especially if the receptionist fulfils other duties at the same time.  Even in large facilities where there may be one or two people dedicated to answering the phone, it is a much more pleasant job when they do not have to constantly pick up and hold the receiver for every call, some of which can go on for a while.  These operators can use a corded headset, as they are primarily desk based and do not have to move from their workstation during a normal day.


Most large hotels have a conferencing suite to allow people on business trips to touch base with the head office or their regional branch.  Sometimes several colleagues from different branches will converge on a central hotel in order to have a conference call with another location, and sometimes companies just hire out the conferencing facilities to make a good impression on a client, with whom they may communicate using conference phones.  Whatever the reason for a conference call, the ideal solution is a central unit which picks up sound from every angle and has speakers that output in every direction. 


These conference phones are either round or triangular with speakers and microphones placed around the perimeter.  This allows all parties involved to sit in a circle, all with the same access to the equipment.  Being sat in this configuration also allows everyone to pick up on signals and body language that indicate who is speaking on a particular issue, and who should stay quiet at that point.  Some models are designed to be portable, meaning they can be easily and securely stored when not in use and therefore, can be used easily in many different rooms.  Some models are bulkier which can make transportation harder, but it is still possible to remove and store them when not required by a guest.


Yes indeed, there are several applications for headsets and conferencing equipment in the hospitality industry and who better to provide solutions than us, the people with passion?  We can offer phone and headset bundles for reception use, as well as in rentable office space within a facility.  With our management package on top, you can be sure that the equipment can be maintained to a hygienic standard for all guests and staff.  Our audio conferencing equipment also offers a range of price points for all sizes of hotel or conference facility, so there is a good choice for every set of requirements.

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