Here's why our own brand telephone headsets are a great buy

Posted by Alan 02/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

At TruVoice we have years of experience in the telecommunications sector and we have used this to design a range of telephone headsets, with all the features you need at an unbeatable price.  Our own brand range of equipment has been tested to the highest standards and is competitive with the major brands, just without the price tag.


With the major brands you get some peace of mind with a warranty that covers the equipment up to a maximum of five years, although most brands offer a shorter warranty period.  The TruVoice range comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning there are no additional costs for as long as you use the product.  All repairs and replacements are free to you, so you can make an investment based solely on the price of the product, not based on an initial product price and the unknown further costs of repair or replacement.


Our range also comes with free standard quick disconnect cables for every corded model, making them an even more economically sound choice – the price you see for the headset is the price you pay, with no charge for the cable and with the added benefit of the lifetime warranty.  We can't see any reason not to choose our own brand products!


Our cheapest model is the AU-1 monaural USB headset at $49.95.  It is a lightweight and comfortable headset with a noise cancelling microphone, which is perfect for busy environments.  It connects via USB and is fully equipped to work with any unified communications system.  As with all our products, this comes with a free cable and lifetime warranty.


At the top of our range we offer a binaural noise cancelling headset which is compatible with Plantronics quick disconnect cables.  It is super lightweight for a more comfortable user experience and as expected, comes with a lifetime warranty and free cable.  It is at least $6 cheaper than the big brand alternatives and when you factor in the added financial benefits of free cables and not having to pay to repair or replace the unit if it breaks, it makes sense to opt for our own brand headsets.


We also offer a range of accessories for use with your telephone headsets, including cables, training buddy boxes and replacement foam and leatherette ear cushions that will fit most big brand headsets.  Even if you have a good reason to stick with a major brand for the headset itself, you can still save yourself a pretty penny by opting for our accessories.


If these reasons are not enough to convince you that the TruVoice range of headsets and accessories is excellent value for money, then consider this: we offer free shipping on all TruVoice products, even if you don't spend the usual qualifying amount for free delivery.  If your business is just starting out then these savings could make all the difference to your start up budget and let's face it, sometimes the decision comes down to cost over anything else.  When you buy from the TruVoice range you are making a smart financial decision, but unlike many cases where price is king, there is no compromise to be made on quality.

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