Headset management services – is it worth it for the self-employed?

Posted by Alan 27/12/2017 0 Comment(s)

If you are self-employed you are no doubt aware of the increased ergonomic and productivity benefits of using a telephone headset to make and receive calls.  Depending on the nature of your work you may spend most of each working day speaking with people and rely quite heavily on a hands-free set up in order to manage your calls and other workload.  What would happen if your headset broke, or needed repair?  Do you keep a spare model available for such situations?


While keeping a spare may be an option for the self-employed with the available capital to buy extra kit, the chances are you have invested in a decent quality, and therefore accordingly priced telephone headset and having another one exactly the same is not financially sensible.  If your equipment fails and needs repair or replacement, the onus is on you to get it fixed or replaced at considerable cost and inconvenience to you.  It takes time to research your options and compare the varying prices, and time to ship your broken gear to a repair center.  In the meantime, you are relying on an inferior back up model or doing without entirely, all the while trying to claw back the time you have spent dealing with your broken kit.  It is hardly an ideal situation and could be alleviated by taking out a maintenance contract for your valuable telephone headset, that will cover you in the event of breakages and equipment failure.


Often, people think about maintenance contracts as something for large organizations that outsource these services to save money and staff costs in house and this is what our Total Care Program is geared towards, but not only for the big companies.  On the face of it this is totally different to a self-employed person's situation, after all, as a sole trader they are responsible for their entire business, and while that may be true, there is a valid argument for outsourcing certain things to the professionals as it frees up your time to focus on your business.  The more peripheral services you can delegate, the more attention and time there is for the meat of your business; so, don't discount a maintenance contract for your telephone headset as just something for the big boys.


In the end, the decision to take out a maintenance contract for your equipment is one you have to make for yourself.  Not everyone relies on their equipment in the same way and some people may be happy to go without while they save up for a new telephone headset if theirs breaks.  To make the decision you have to determine the value of your time that would be dedicated to sorting out a broken headset, whether you could function well without and whether paying someone else to manage the process is worth taking the responsibility off your shoulders.  To find out more about how our Total Care Program could save you time and money get in touch with our experts today.

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