Have you got skeleton headsets in your closet?

Posted by Alan 13/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

With the pace of technology showing no signs of slowing down, we are becoming used to hardware becoming obsolete almost as soon as we have got used to using it, with new models of mobile phone and other devices being released seemingly every month.  At the same time, the desire to have the latest handset or the best screen, means people are selling on second hand equipment to people who prefer to wait for new technology, or who are not bothered about having the very latest kit.  In the commercial sector businesses cannot afford to spend money on upgrades every time a new piece of equipment is launched, but they are not immune to the need to buy new hardware much more frequently than ever before.  The purchase and upgrade of equipment is driven by end user demand for more up to date equipment and the compatibility issues of using old equipment with new software.

Very often businesses put off investing in new equipment, because of the value still tied up in the existing equipment, and when they do decide to upgrade all the old kit is stashed in a dusty closet and forgotten about.  This is a mistake, not only because some of the plastic parts can be recycled, but because we will buy back certain brands of telephone headsets and conference phones, in almost any condition.


Our service and repair team can fix and refurbish old equipment to a like new standard, and we can then offer refurbished equipment to our customers who are on a tight budget, or who need certain versions of a headset to be compatible with their other equipment.  This is a win-win situation, because we can furnish customers with refurbished equipment, saving them money, and the money you make from selling your unwanted or broken telephone headsets to us can then be used to pay for new equipment, reducing your overall outlay and saving you money too. 


There are environmental benefits to selling back your unwanted telephone headsets too,  making legacy equipment available, means people can continue to use older systems for longer, reducing the number of times a company has to update their whole system.  It also prevents this equipment from contributing to landfill; although many parts can be recycled it needs to be, processed by a specialist waste management service and many people simply don't know where to look, or aren't aware that some parts can be reused.  The other benefit is a fuel and energy saving that occurs when someone buys refurbished telephone headsets rather than having something made from scratch, which uses energy for the manufacturing process and again in shipping.


So, if you are looking at upgrading your systems and need new equipment, or you want to purchase extra units of an older model to have in stock in case of breakages, then we can help with both of those requirements.  Take a look at our product sections to find great deals on refurbished telephone headsets, and check out our buy back section to check which brands of equipment we are interested in.

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