Get into the Festive Spirit with Headset Decorations

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Working during the holiday season can be disheartening, especially in a call center where you may be speaking to people who are out shopping, socializing or preparing for a huge family meal.  Hearing other people having the kind of fun you wish you were having for yourself is tough, but with a little creativity you can make a Christmassy bubble for yourself at work and brighten up your co-workers' days at the same time.

Many people decorate their offices and cubicles over the Christmas period and as long as a little care is exercised, this can be extended to a telephone headset as well.  There are couple of things to be wary of when adorning your headset that may interfere with the functionality, the main one being the use of metallic tinsel or other decorations on a wireless model.  The presence of metallic items can distort and confuse the signal from the base station, so it is best to only use non-metallic objects on a wireless telephone headset.  Cables are another factor to be wary of and you should avoid putting decorations on this part of the equipment.  Anything that could weigh down the cable can cause unnecessary strain to the wires inside, and likewise anything that could get caught on clothing or furniture will cause the same problem.  Decorating the microphone and boom is also not advisable, as anything placed too close to the receptor can cause distortion and echoing on the line.

Apart from these three considerations there are many creative ways to give your telephone headset that festive look, even if you are not artistically minded.  There are many holiday themed decorations that can be easily repurposed to adorn your headgear; festive ear muffs are a perfect example.  The decorative covers can be remove from the foam cushions and used to cover the earpiece on your headset.  If you use a monaural model, then you can share your decorations with a friend and have an earpiece cover each, or buy several pairs and change your cover every day in the run up to Christmas.

If you are crafty, or have a friend who enjoys knitting and crochet, then fashioning a headband cover in seasonal colors is a nice way to brighten up your headset.  This will also provide a level of comfort and protection against hair snagging on a metal and plastic headband.  You can use all sorts of materials to cover this part of the equipment, including: felt, fabrics, plastic garlands and wool, none of which are expensive or too time consuming to work with.

Felt is a great cheap craft material for any time of the year, as it can be glued together, doesn't fray at the edges and is forgiving to work with.  A pair of elf ears would be an easy project to do and once you have the basic shape, you can get as creative as you like with the details.  Use sticky dots or Velcro to attach them to your headset ear cushions and keep a pen and paper handy to note down the names of your co-workers, who are asking for a pair of their own!  Reindeer antlers work brilliantly with headsets, as there is already a headband to attach them to.  You can make your own from pipe cleaners and felt, or buy a ready-made accessory and wear it alongside your telephone headset.  A red clown nose may distort your voice, but face paint can also be used to complete the look, without getting in the way.

We hope we have inspired you to make the most of working during the holidays by embracing the festive spirit and bringing it wherever you go.

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