Get Fit with a Wireless Headset

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January is the time when we start dieting, becoming more active and generally taking better care of ourselves after the excesses of the holiday season.  New Year's resolutions usually include one of those three goals, if not all of them, but we all know that the best intentions rarely stay that way for long.  It is hard to find the time to go to the gym in an already busy schedule, and taking time out of work to exercise simply isn't financially viable for most people, so combining the two is one way of achieving your fitness goals while being paid to do so.

A sedentary lifestyle is known to be a major factor in developing heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses yet a high proportion of workers are in sit-down roles, that give little opportunity for even stretching out when cramp sets in.  Being tethered to a desk by a telephone headset cable does not help matters, as there's really no opportunity to get up and do some light exercise while working. Whilst sitting hunched over a computer screen is also detrimental to health it can be difficult to maintain a correct posture while working long hours.  There are some seated exercises that can be done, however, without leaving your workstation.

Sitting in your chair ensure that both feet are placed flat on the floor and your back is straight (not leaning against the backrest).  Pull your shoulders back and down, then extend your arms outwards, palms facing forward at about hip level.  Then push your chest forward and hold that position for 10 seconds.  This exercise should be performed five times in a row and helps alleviate tension caused by sitting for too long.  Another good move for back health is to cross your arms over your chest and turn your shoulders without moving your hips.  Hold for ten seconds on each side and repeat five times.

You can even give your legs a workout while sitting down.  Raise your knee as far as you can, (you may have to move back from your desk to do this one), and hold for ten seconds, repeating five times on each side.  You should aim to bring your foot back to the floor slowly and not let it drop.  If there is not enough space to do the knee bends, simply extend your leg in front of you and move your foot up and down giving the ankle a work out.  Keeping your legs moving improves circulation and reduces the chance of blood clots forming.

If you use a wireless telephone headset then the possibilities for gentle exercise are virtually limitless.  The only thing you really need to bear in mind is not getting out of breath during phone calls, so running on a treadmill or on the spot is not the most appropriate exercise for the workplace.  You can, however, do simple yoga stretches or even use the chair as exercise equipment.  If your chair has wheels this is a dangerous move, but if they can be safely locked or there is no chance of the chair slipping away, then it can be used to do arm strengthening exercises.  Sitting on the chair gradually move forward so that your rear is at the edge of the seat.  Put both hands on the edge of the seat and lift off, then drop down to the floor using your arms to pull you back up.

With a wireless headset you can use your desk to do push-ups or as a bar to stretch your legs on.  More complex arm stretches are possible with a wireless headset, as there's no danger of getting tangled in the wires and cutting a call short unexpectedly.  You can also incorporate aspects of yoga and Pilates into your exercise routine when using a wireless headset or bring in exercises of your own that you might usually do in the gym.

We hope this has given you some keep fit inspiration for 2018, and we wish you all the best success with your resolutions.

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