Best Headset for Call Center and other Noisy Environments

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Call centers and open plan offices present big challenges in terms of acoustics for Telephone Headset Users.  Using moveable partitions to create cubicles and provide a sound baffle goes some way to reducing the immediate noise from people sitting directly around a user, but the general ambient noise levels can be very high.  Add in a few people with strong voices and the end result is a cacophony of voice sounds, mouse clicking and keyboard tapping that is enough to drive anybody to distraction after a couple of hours.  Imagine having to conduct a phone conversation in such an environment!  It is hard for the person making the call as well as the person receiving it, as both people are subjected to the general chatter and it can be hard to pick out the right voice to listen to.


The type of telephone headset used makes a huge difference to the experience of both the caller and the receiver, as noise isolating earphone technology reduces the ambient noise for the headset user and noise cancelling microphone technology reduces the ingress, of that same ambient noise, for the person receiving the call.  It is especially significant that in call centers dealing with important personal information, such as social security enquiries or telephone banking that distracting noise is reduced to a minimum, to enable maximum concentration and eliminate errors made due to not being able to hear properly.


It goes without saying that a binaural model is generally best for call center users, as the dual ear cushions protect both ears from unwanted noise.  Leatherette ear cushions are much more sanitary than foam ones and the headsets used should be specified for heavy, regular use rather than light use, so we already have three criteria by which to narrow down the choice for call center headsets.  The most important feature in a call center telephone headset is the noise isolation capabilities of the earpieces, then the noise cancelling ability of the microphone.  Although the microphone does not necessarily need to be one which isolates the voice of the person using it, the experience for the caller or receiver is much better if they do not have to hear the voices of everyone nearby as well as the person they want to listen to, but if cushioned sound partitions are used, this may be enough to reduce ambient microphone noise.


The TruVoice HD-750 Binaural NC model falls towards the top end of the scale, but with three years warranty and a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction it will stay the distance and stand up to regular use and abuse, by even the most prolific headset-fiddler.  The leatherette ear cushions can be easily cleaned and because it is lightweight, it can be worn all day without causing any discomfort – a factor which is vital for staff morale and concentration.  The ultra-noise cancelling technology in both earpieces and microphone reduces background noise to an absolute minimum, allowing both parties to focus on the call.  It is compatible with the Plantronics QD cables so can be used with many different types of device, including buddy boxes for training and quality control.


There are other models out there with similar features, all of which can be found on our website, but we believe that for the price this headset cannot be beaten on quality.  Busy call center environments can carry a degree of stress, and the last straw for many agents is poor equipment, so by investing a little more in top quality kit you can ensure that the staff are happy and the headsets will last.

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