Alternative uses for your telephone headset

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Telephone headsets are not the most exciting or glamorous piece of office equipment, and let's face it, there's not much competition for that accolade!  But just because they're generally functional rather than decorative (the stylish Jabra Motion being the exception to this rule) that doesn't mean they can't provide some fun as well.


Bluetooth and mobile enabled telephone headsets can be really useful around the home, providing the chance to listen to a podcast or music while you do something else.  Now that time spent in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal can also be used to catch up on a favorite podcast, listen to an audio book or just indulge in your favorite album (and maybe get a little dancing done at the same time).  Almost any household chore can be augmented with some aural entertainment by using a comfortable and lightweight telephone headset, so ironing, cleaning, folding laundry and even gardening can be made more interesting.


Your telephone headset can also just be used for taking calls at home – if you're expecting an important call but you have other chores to be getting on with then using a hands-free telephone headset, perhaps with voice controls, can free up your time and still let you take that vital call while you get on with something else.


Mobile, tablet and PC games can also benefit from using a telephone headset as a listening device, so the player can hear the music or other sound effects that are an intrinsic part of the game.  Some games even use microphones on headsets to allow players to communicate with one another, and you don't necessarily have to buy a special gaming headset as some telephone headsets are compatible with gaming software.  If you are on a flight, a train or a long commute by any other means, then using your telephone headset to watch movies, play games or listen to music can help combat the boredom of being stuck on a long journey.


Anyone interested in LARPing (Live Action Role Playing, for the uninitiated) can use a headset to communicate with other players, without ruining a period costume with an obvious mobile phone.  They can also form part of a costume for role playing or cosplay, although they may need to be customized to look like an authentic part of a sci-fi costume.  Always take care when fixing anything to a telephone headset, as it can interfere in the functionality and even void the warranty.  If you need a headset as the base for a costume piece, it may be better to use an old or broken one that can be modified.


Old and broken telephone headsets that are incompatible with modern systems, or are not worth fixing because of a high cost, can be donated to drama groups or schools for the costume cupboard, or given to your own kids to play with.  Sometimes a headset can be a vital prop for an imaginative game and they can even inspire new games for kids, as they work out what sort of people might use such a communication device.  Before shipping your old headsets off to the local amateur dramatic society, it is always worth contacting us to see if we can repair them at a reasonable price.  If you are getting rid of stock we may be interested in buying it back, so do get in touch before getting shot of old stock you no longer need – there could be money in it for you.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there is likely to be a whole host of other uses that creative people have come up with, so we hope that this has started you thinking about how to get the most out of your headset whether it is functional or broken.

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