A great headset for home based workers

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Working from home, either in a freelance capacity or as a remote employee, seems like the perfect life to people who are stuck in the office all day.  They imagine lounging on the sofa, in front of the TV, taking the occasional phone call, sending a few emails and then going out to lunch with friends.  They imagine being able to get ahead with housework and pet projects, while fielding enquiries or working on documents but the reality is not like that at all.  In actual fact, many people who work from home segment the day into work and home slots, allowing them to do a few chores and have a proper break at lunch time, while keeping the bulk of the daytime hours for work.


A telephone headset is one piece of equipment that goes a long way to helping home workers stay focused and on track and can even enable some multi-tasking, depending on the nature of the job.  Having a telephone headset on during working hours is a physical reminder of the fact that it is work time and not home time.  Removing it when on breaks allows the person working from home to disconnect, both literally and metaphorically, and relax before resuming work.


A telephone headset which connects to a computer, desk phone and mobile phone is the best option, as it allows for full connectivity to all possible sources of communication.  Ideally the headset will be a wireless model, that lets you move around the house without having to entirely step away from work.  A great benefit of a wireless telephone headset is that when waiting for a call it is possible to get a few small chores done, such as laundry or preparing dinner in those minutes you might otherwise be stuck at your desk.  Making a cup of tea or signing for a package during a conference call is possible, as long as you mute your microphone so as not to give the game away completely!


As your telephone headset will be your most vital piece of equipment, apart from a computer, it is worth spending a decent amount of money for the best possible model that will not present any restrictions.  The Jabra Motion Office bluetooth enabled headset is the top of the range, but the feature list will leave you astounded at the capabilities of this piece of kit.  It connects to a mobile phone, desk phone, tablet and computer with VoIP software with a 300-metre range allowing for video calling, communication on the move and even call transferring between devices.  It has voice control and physical tap-to-control capability, so you can actually live the work-from-home dream and take calls in the garden!


It has eight hours of talk time with each charge (and with a two-hour charge time it does not take long to restore those eight hours), so it can be used all day without running out of battery.  It also offers 360 hours of standby time, so it is ideal for both frequent and infrequent use.


We stock a wide range of wireless telephone headsets, all of which are perfect for home workers and allow for a good balance of work and play.  Take a look at our range here, then get in touch with us to free yourself from handsets, cables and most importantly, your desk.  It may be the last call you ever make without a telephone headset!

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