2018 Resolutions for Call Center Workers

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A new year is always a good time for a new start, forming positive habits and cutting out negative ones.  Most people make at least a couple of resolutions for the year ahead and these often fall into the health and wellbeing category – a new diet, exercise regimen or goal weight are a feature of nearly everyone's personal promises for the coming year.  There may also be plans to learn a new skill, a new language or simply to spend more time on self-care and family life. 

Work is often left out of the resolution making process unless a career change is on the horizon.  With a long break from the workplace and a focus on fun and festivity, it is very easy to forget that work is where we spend most of our time.  Making resolutions to support and enhance your time at work is a great way to ensure that your resolutions will make an impact and if you can get some co-workers on board with you, then the support you can give each other will help keep you on the right path.

With that in mind, we have put together a few New Year's resolutions for call center staff that will make you happier and more productive at work:

  1. Clean my headset daily with antibacterial wipes, and once a week use a brush to clean the hard to reach places, where the headband attaches to the earpieces
  2. Store my headset in a bag overnight, with the cables loosely wound into a circle and not left tangled
  3. Use the clothing clip to stop my headset sliding to one side
  4. Take healthy snacks in with me to eat on my break and avoid the vending machine!
  5. Get up and move around every 2 hours, to beat fatigue
  6. Replace the ear cushions on my telephone headset every 6 months
  7. Report any broken or faulty headsets to the office manager – don't try to fix them myself!
  8. After a difficult call, take a few moments to breathe deeply and reset before the next call – let the stress go before you carry on
  9. Treat each caller as if they were related to me – be nice!

And for call center managers:

  1. Acknowledge a job well done – when an agent makes a sale or satisfies a difficult customer make sure they are rewarded verbally
  2. Set up a feedback system so staff can give their input into how the office is run, and listen to what my front-line agents are telling me
  3. Take action on staff feedback – ensure my staff know I am supporting them
  4. React quickly to reports of broken or faulty headsets and offer a replacement to the agent while a broken unit is being fixed
  5. Supply antibacterial wipes and cleaning equipment for agents to care for their telephone headsets
  6. Share complements from happy customers with all staff to combat complaint fatigue
  7. Ensure my staff are taking their breaks and provide a rest area to give staff time away from their desk so they can enjoy their break properly

We wish you every success in 2018!

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