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Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 Power Kit

The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 Power Kit provides power to your Polycom IP 5000 Conference Unit wh..


Polycom Trio 8500 PoE

The Polycom Trio 8500 takes the ordinary conference call experience to the next level.  Getting..


Polycom Trio 8500 PoE Collaboration Kit

Polycom Trio 8500 Collaboration Kit. Includes: Trio 8500, PoE, Trio Visual+, Logitech C930e, Etherne..


Polycom Trio 8500 Power Kit

Includes a Gigabit Ethernet mid-span PoE power injector, 6ft power cord with North American plug, an..


Polycom Trio 8500/8800 Expansion Mic Kit

Expansion Microphone kit for Polycom Trio 8800/8500. Incl. two expansion microphones and two 2.1m/7f..


Polycom Trio 8800 PoE

The Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 is the conference phone reimagined.  It offers the industry'..


Polycom Trio 8800 PoE Collaboration Kit

The Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 collaboration kit includes a conference phone, Visual+ accessory ..


Polycom Trio 8800 Power Kit

Power Kit for Polycom Trio 8800 and Trio Visual+. Incl. 100-240V, 0.8A, 55V/36W, IEEE 802.3at compli..


Polycom USB Camera

Polycom EagleEye IV USB camera provides a best-in-class quality video collaboration experience for P..


Polycom IP7000 Power Supply

Technical Features for Polycom IP7000 Power SupplyItem # 2200-40110-001/2457-43240-00..


Polycom SoundStation 2 Power Supply

Technical Features for Polycom SoundStation 2Power SupplyItem #2200-16020-001 Th..


Polycom SoundStation 2W Power Supply

Technical Features for Polycom SoundStation 2WPower SupplyItem # 2200-42441-002 ..


Polycom Soundstation Expansion Mics for VTX1000 / IP 6000

Technical Features for Polycom Expansion Mics forSoundstation VTX1000 / IP 6000Item #..